1. Lights of love.
English ballad that appears in collection of street ballads starting from the end of 16th century. Our version - instrumental arrangement from "William Ballet's Manuscript Lute Book" and "Musick's Delight on the citern" (1666).Upper voice is close to the melody from "Chappell's "National English Airs"(1840).
2. A set of Irish jigs: "Sixpenny money", "Lilting Banshee", "Mug of Brown Ale", "Cliffs of Moher" from "100 Irish Tunes" (Dave Mallinson Publications, 1995) made under impression of Stas Zubzov playing on the streets of Helsinki.
3. Two Rondo from dance collection printed in Antwerp in 1551 by Thilman Susato.
4. "La Manfredina & La Rotta Della Manfredina" from Italian manuscript of 14th century (British Museum manuscripto, London, Harley.978, order 9456).
5. English two-voice spiritual hymn, beginning of 15th century, third voice composed by Igor who plays on all instruments here.
6. Gavotte: two dances - "Bransles Gay" and "Gavotte" from Pretorius Collection; second is transported on quart below. Pierre-Francisco Caroubel has composed both five-voice scores.
7. Courante is taken from the same Pretorius Collection.
8. Improvisation of Igor and Kristian on Renaissance traverse flute and hurdy-gurdy.
9. "Galliarde" - united version of two dances. The first is an arrangement of Italian popular song "Bianco Fiore" from lute tabulator of milanien lute player Cesaro Negri and Galliarde of French courteous lute player Adriann Le Roy (16th century). The second is taken from global work "Terpsichora" with four and five-voice dances published by M. Pretorius in 1612.
10. A set of Irish reels: "Oyster's Wives Rant", "Ivy Leaf", "Our Highland's Cousins" and "Maurice Manley's Polka" played as reel.
11. A set of jigs, first of which is an Irish version of improvisation on English ground of 17tn century, based on "Passamezo Antico" chord consistency, incredibly important in European popular music. Have been appeared in the beginning of 16th century in Italy, she was maybe same known during 16-17th century as 12-tact blues today. The second is composed by Norman McLinn due to the bad quality of potatoes in London.
12. A set of jigs: "Biddy of Sligo", "Paddy O'Flynn", "Drops of Brandy". First and second are taken from Scottish Tunes Collection for violin. Without performance of the third the existence of any English folk-band is absolutely impossible.
13. A set of reels: "Fairy Dance", "Mountain Road", "All Around The World", "Maid Behind The Bar".
14. A set of Irish reels from "100 Sessions Tunes" (Dave Mallinson Publications, 1995): "Musical Priest", "Silver Spear", "Mc Mahons", "Cooley's". The name of the first reel reflects opposition of Irish Catholic Church to the country parties. The third is composed, as it seems, by great American fiddler Dj McMahon and sometimes is called "Banshee".

created by: Lozhkomoeva Ekaterina, 2000-2015.